SMP for Men

Men represent the largest proportion of Scalp North’s clientele. Many men begin to notice lost hair on their pillow or in their combs as early as their adolescent years.  Hair loss in men is primarily related to hormones and is, for the most part, irreversible once it begins with the rate of progression indeterminate. At Scalp North we are not unaccustomed to hearing the stories of men who have been through the gamut of hair loss solutions, only to become more and more disillusioned, not to mention out of a sizeable amount of money. SMP has a great deal to do with trust and care for the client because we know how distressing hair loss can be and what it does to one’s self esteem. Thanks to many high-profile celebrities, a tightly cropped hair style like that which SMP creates is both fashionable and practical. With the most complementary hairline along with a soft natural finish that looks both effortless and refined, a client’s facial features and bone structure are fittingly enhanced.

The SMP Process

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How Can it Help You?

The skin of the scalp is the thickest on the body. To effectively treat this area with SMP requires extensive training and experience. SMP is not simply tattooed dots on a scalp. To perform it requires skill and precision. There is nothing random in any single micro-tattoo applied. To make something look natural requires meticulous planning and layering with several hues of colour. SMP treatments may be done on localized areas for gentlemen who still have hair, though it is recommended they shave it to blend with the SMP treatment. For example, we often work on men who need density created at the crown whorl, on or near a receding hairline, or on random patches that typically signal the beginning of hair loss. For men who have lost most or all their hair, at Scalp North we design the perfect hairline and work within it, gradually building density over 3 to 5 treatments. Every treatment is customized to suit the client. We work with your needs today, mindful of the future should your hair loss progress and require further sessions.