SMP for Women

Hair loss in women is a different experience than it is for men. That said, the beauty industry being what it is, with hair an integral component of one’s style, when it happens to a woman it can trigger a modicum of panic!  Most women simply are not prepared for it, unless they have seen it occur to other women in their families. Thankfully, SMP is perhaps the most ideal solution for women.  For example, it is quite common for women to notice their hairlines recede at about middle age.  However, other reasons behind more widespread loss of hair may be due to stress, lifestyle, and the many hormonal fluctuations women in experience in their lives—childbirth and menopause chief among them. For women, hair loss is quite often temporary, though the duration of time hair stops growing is unknown. 

The SMP Process

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How Can it Help You?

At Scalp North we assist women by working on and around the area of hair loss only, building density of colour using varying hues of all-natural pigment to blend with the existing hair. We commonly build a greater amount of density than is done for men so that the client can continue to style her hair as she likes without worry that the scalp skin is visible. A remarkable possible bonus of SMP for women is that the very act of tattooing the scalp skin itself can stimulate the hair into regrowth. While this cannot be guaranteed, as it depends on the type and extent of baldness, it is a possibility. Every lady we treat receives a bespoke procedure plan that may involve a gradual building of density over a few sessions, depending on the expanse of area to be treated. Whether or not the hair regrows, it does not matter as SMP is non-invasive and completely safe. We are always deeply gratified to be able to help a lady through the stressful ordeal of hair loss.  The art of illusion to restore confidence and eliminate worry is what SMP is all about.