SMP for Scarring

When hair transplantation was in its prime, thousands of clients flocked to clinics worldwide for the treatments. After time it became obvious that hair transplantation was not the holy grail it was touted to be, and this is perhaps most poignant for the clients for whom it failed and who now have advanced telltale scarring spanning their scalp. Furthermore, as the scalp has the densest amount of blood vessels, visible scarring is almost inevitable following surgery and/or injury, and due to the nature of scarred tissue, hair will not grow from it.

The SMP Process

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How Can it Help You?

SMP for small areas or widespread scarring is approached the same way. With dedicated equipment and a vast understanding of compromised skin tissue, Marcia is able to create hair follicles within and around the scarred tissue to such an advanced degree that the scar it rendered practically invisible. There is virtually no other treatment that can accomplish what a skilled SMP artist can with scalp scarring. Moreover, the act of tattooing the scarred tissue has the dual benefit of releasing the scar matrix resulting in a revision and improvement to the scar itself.  Just as with other altered skin texture, only artists with a high level of experience and expertise should approach scar tissue with SMP work. Browse the Scalp North gallery to see for yourself the exceptional results Marcia has achieved with scalp micropigmentation on scarred scalp skin.